Property Management, throughout Devon & Cornwall

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Based in Plymouth, Apex Property Management provide all of the services you’d normally expect from a block & estate management company. We just pride ourselves on doing some of the key things a little bit better than the rest.


We find that the single biggest complaint from any stakeholder is the lack of transparency of exactly what forms your management charge; both from a cost and service level perspective.

At Apex we produce easy-to-read, understandable schedules with clear definitions of every line item. We believe our clients should know what they’re paying for and what they can expect in return.


You can trust us to honour our commitments and do what we say we are going to do. We take personal responsibility for delivering on our promises and getting the job done.


We are responsive, approachable and professional. We appreciate that our end users’ expectations of “customer service” is higher than ever…and rightly so. We work hard to ensure our clients are kept informed of the necessities and to make ourselves available when anyone needs to speak with us, regardless of the reason.

Collaboration & Partnership

We work with you, our clients and leaseholders, to make the most appropriate decisions about the management of your property. We also have a network of reliable and professional contractors, suppliers and consultants who we trust to work with us and carry out their role or service in a manner which we are proud of.