Estate Management Services

We have experience in managing all forms of estates, from large new build housing developments, to country estates. We currently work with numerous developers on new build housing sites, as well as directors of Resident’s Management Companies on their estate management needs. Our estate management service is tailored to suit your estate’s specific requirements.

estate management plymouth estate management plymouth

The main components to our estate management service include:

  • Management of all Public Open Space
  • Drainage management
  • Street lighting management
  • Management of shared access routes
  • Management of play parks/areas

It has become increasingly common that new housing developments and estates are having their shared areas maintained via a service or estate charge.

We ensure our clients’ estates are well maintained with both short and long term goals in mind. We are well experienced in all aspects of estate management including grounds & green spaces, Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS; such as filter drains, attenuation & soakaways) and hard landscaped areas. All of these things require regular monitoring and maintenance plans.

Good estate management means your development stays looking great and functioning well regardless of its age. We actively encourage working closely with developers during the planning & construction phases…before providing Apex’s exceptional customer service to owners, tenants and key stakeholders.

If you would like any more information on our services or if there’s something specific you need then please contact us.